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Other Ways to Donate to Our Childhood Cancer Research Program

Childhood cancer research has extended the lives of many kids. Those who have fought and managed to beat the disease often have a decreased quality of life due to the harmful effects of current cancer treatments. Funds are continuously needed to improve the treatments that children receive and to ultimately find a cure once and for all.

We are grateful that most people have the ability to make a donation gift part of their financial plan. A carefully arranged gift can be tax-effective, and at the same time balance the financial needs of you and your family. It can allow you to leave a lasting personal legacy and, depending on the gift, can provide your favorite charity with a more stable, reliable inflow of funds over the long term without reducing the estate available to your heirs or jeopardizing your future financial independence.

Some common types of gifts are:

Bequests - A charitable bequest is a gift made through your will. Your gift to the Michael Cuccione Foundation can be a specified percentage of your estate, a piece of property, or a certain sum of money

Life Insurance - Minimal insurance premiums today can result in a significant gift in the future. If the Michael Cuccione Foundation is listed as a beneficiary on your life insurance policy, the annual premiums will represent tax deductible donations. The Foundation can be listed as a beneficiary, or ownership can be given to the Foundation on a new or existing policy.

RRSPs and RRIFs - You can designate the Michael Cuccione Foundation as the beneficiary, or one of the beneficiaries, on your Registered Retirement Savings Plan or Registered Retirement Income Fund. Your estate will receive a tax receipt for the amount transferred benefiting the heirs of your estate.

Property & Publicly-Listed Securities - You may have assets you can donate, such as real estate or other tangible assets with value that would provide immediate benefits to the Foundation. If you hold a portfolio of stocks, bonds, or mutual funds, you can cash them or transfer them to the Michael Cuccione Foundation. There is preferential tax treatment seen on appreciated securities.

Charitable Remainder Trusts - You can donate an asset during your lifetime and receive a guaranteed income for life, or for a pre-determined period of time. Upon your death, or once the time pre-determined is reached, the asset remaining is transferred to the Foundation.

The above mentioned gifts may require consultation with family members and will require advice from qualified individuals. Please ensure you consult with legal and financial professionals to plan the best way to make a lasting difference. This section is intended to merely provide a starting point for discussions with your financial advisor; it is not intended as legal advice. We thank you for considering the Foundation and the children we support as recipients of your generosity.

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