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Michael Cuccione Childhood Cancer Research Program Impact Report

Improving the Lives of Children with Cancer
Childhood Cancer Research, British Columbia, Canada Pictured above: MCCCRP Team

The Michael Cuccione Childhood Cancer Research Program (MCCCRP) is pursuing better and safer treatments for children with cancer. The scope of the research spans three areas of focus: clinical trials, personalized medicine, and cell and immune therapies. These focuses are developing scientists' understanding of the underlying biology of pediatric malignancies in order to improve the safety of treatments and long-term outcomes of children with cancer. The MCCCRP conducts leading-edge research and is making a difference for children with cancer in British Columbia and around the world.


Our Cause

One of the most devastating events that can occur within a family is the diagnosis of cancer in a child. Nearly 10,000 children in Canada live with the devastating impacts and aftermath of cancer, and an estimated 1,500 cases are diagnosed each year.

Advances in cancer research and treatment over the past 50 years have yielded a miraculous 80 to 85 percent cure rate for many childhood cancers.

29 years ago, Michael Cuccione imagined a world without childhood cancer and he set out to raise both awareness and funding for research that he knew would ultimately lead to cures and better outcomes for children living with this disease.

Michael dedicated the last five years of his life to making a difference for childhood cancer and funded two lifetime endowments for young scientists, giving the brilliant minds of today the opportunity to train and become the childhood cancer research leaders of tomorrow. From his vision of hope he founded the Michael Cuccione Foundation with the mission of funding childhood cancer research.

Michael's legacy lives on through the Foundation and the Michael Cuccione Childhood Cancer Research Program at BC Children's Hospital that consists of scientists who are making leading-edge discoveries in cancer research, developing innovative and personalized therapies that are safer and more effective, and training the next generation of scientists and researchers.

"One person can only do so much but together we can make a difference!"
Michael James Cuccione