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CAR T-Cell Immune Therapy Success Story

Date Posted : June 27, 2020

Matt was diagnosed at a very young age with Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia (ALL). In September 2018 he had CAR T-Cell Immunotherapy at Seattle Children's Hospital and now he is doing amazingly well!

Childhood Cancer Research

The above video is from September 2019. And below is an update as of June 2020.

Matt is doing extremely well, we just celebrated his one year “ new immune system” birthday on May 16th! He enjoyed a few months of being back to school with his friends and was doing well in all his classes, and even participated in a weight training class which has helped in getting his muscle tone back so he is feeling much stronger.

Ever since Covid -19 hit, he has kept busy with online schooling, going for a run, bike riding and hiking. We are truly grateful to everyone who has made this possible for him to have a normal, happy, healthy life again. We are so blessed.

Congratulations to the Michael Cuccione Foundation on 25 years of Cancer Research for the kids of BC, you all are SO appreciated for all the work that you do.