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Bringing New Hope When It's Needed Most

Date Posted : June 26, 2020

This past year, generous support through the Michael Cuccione Foundation - a long standing partner over the past 25 years - enabled BC Children’s to take an important step forward in its quest to improve outcomes for kids with hard-to-treat cancers.

Led by BC Children’s physician Dr. Amanda Li and team, the first CAR T-cell therapy trial at the hospital enrolled a child for this innovative form of immunotherapy—making BC Children’s one of only a handful of pediatric hospitals in Canada approved to offer the ground-breaking treatment.

CAR T-cell therapy involves removing the body’s own immune cells, genetically reprogramming them to seek and destroy cancer cells, and then putting them back into the body, where they continue to multiply to fight cancer. While it isn’t without risk, the therapy has the potential to bring long remissions, and even cures, to patients who have no treatment options left.