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Our Mission

Together we are funding childhood cancer research and making a difference in the fight against childhood cancer

One of the most devastating events that can occur within a family is to be informed that their child has been diagnosed with cancer. Presently very little is known about the underlying causes of childhood malignancies as the majority of research dollars raised are spent on investigating adult forms of cancer.

Since its inception in 1997, the Michael Cuccione Foundation has worked diligently to change this through the generous support from the public. The funds raised by this foundation are donated in memory of Michael Cuccione, who at the age of nine, had a vision to support various research programs across Canada and the United States.

Since his passing at the young age of 16, the foundation has been committed to spreading Michael's message and keeping his dream alive. With all the love and support from the individuals Michael continues to inspire, perhaps one day Michael's dream of eradicating this disease wil be a reality.


Please help us to keep Michael's dream alive, support the Michael Cuccione Foundation. Do it for the children.

Goals of Michael Cuccione Foundation

The Michael Cuccione Foundation was incorporated under the Society Act of British Columbia, on March 12th, 1997 and achieved charitable status on June 18th, 1997.

The purposes of the foundation are as follows:

To raise funds, receive bequests, gifts and voluntary donations of every kind and accumulate a fund, and to expend or administer this fund or the proceeds thereof, or the income from the fund, exclusively for cancer research and for the use of children's hospitals located in Canada and North America.

To raise the awareness of the need to fund cancer research.

In order to inspire others to assist with the Foundation's cause, to conduct motivational speaking engagements at schools, at businesses, and at different levels of government.

To provide emotional support to cancer patients and their families.

To organize an annual dinner/dance, an annual golf tournament, and other varieties of events.

To promote all these activities throughout Canada and the world.

The Michael Cuccione Foundation Board of Directors will monitor the use of the funds.