“One person can only do so much, but together we can make a difference.”
Michael James Cuccione, 1985 - 2001




"Since the conception of the Michael Cuccione Foundation in 1997, we at Galloway Botteselle and Company have been privileged to be part a foundation so committed to its goals. Thanks to the hard work of volunteers and the growing success of the fundraising events over 2.6 million dollars has been raised. The Foundation is committed to see that these funds are used to support those searching for a cure for cancer, and helping children afflicted by the disease."

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Your Dollar At Work

(The following information is accurate as of November 6, 2011)

The early disbursement of $1 million as part of the Michael Cuccione Foundation’s $5-million commitment has accelerated the expansion of the Michael Cuccione Childhood Cancer Research Program (MCCCRP) at the Child & Family Research Institute. In addition to providing essential long-term support for the program to continue its current efforts, this gift has enabled two critical new components: a Biobank, added in September 2011, and the recruitment of a new researcher in early 2012.


The MCCCRP-supported Biobank, is essential for translational work to be performed at BC Children’s Hospital (BCCH). While, significant scientific discoveries can be made in the test tube with cells that are cultured from former patients, we need cancer cells directly from current patients at BCCH. This direct access to actual patients’ cancer cells allows the researcher to examine real-world characteristics of cancer cells. Thus, our ability to translate exciting scientific discoveries into new targeted therapies for children with cancer at BCCH, depends heavily on the evaluation of those therapies against cancer derived from real patients. This is a critical component of the preclinical testing stage and is required before potential therapies can be evaluated in human clinical trials. To date, our ability to collect cancer cells from children afflicted with cancer has been limited by the lack of consistent collection of cancer cells with the necessary information required for evaluation in research. Our dream has been to have a Biobank that collects cancer samples and extensively documents the clinical characteristic of the individual cancer patient. This resource allows for the application of scientific findings in the laboratory to the clinical setting and from patients back to the laboratory. Intensely tracking this process allows us to better understand why a therapy works or doesn’t work. The establishment of the new MCCCRPsupported Biobank in September 2011 is a significant step toward having the optimal infrastructure to support our research efforts

New Researcher

Dr. Rebecca Deyell, a Canadian Pediatric Hematologist/Oncologist, has been successfully recruited from a number of highly qualified trainees, and will join the MCCCRP in January 2012. As a clinician investigator, Dr Deyell’s expertise lies in the ability to bridge between the clinic and the laboratory, developing clinical trials that apply the most innovative new therapies to children with cancer. The past two years have been spent receiving additional training at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, which is ranked as one of the top two US pediatric cancer research hospitals. Dr. Deyell will be involved in the translation of laboratory findings into patient testing in Phase 1 trials. We are excited about the additional leadership and research capacity Dr. Deyell brings to the Michael Cuccione Childhood Cancer Research Program at BC Children’s Hospital and the Child & Family Research Institute. The MCCCRP team wishes to thank the Michael Cuccione Foundation for its timely and continued support. Your commitment is safeguarding the stability of the team while allowing acquisition of the key tools and leading researchers needed to accomplish our goal of curing childhood cancer.

2015 Canadian Tire Kick For A Cure

The Kick For A Cure is a childhood cancer initiative founded to raise awareness about childhood cancer and the need for increased funding towards paediatric cancer research. To Register Visit www.kickforacure.ca

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