“One person can only do so much, but together we can make a difference.”
Michael James Cuccione, 1985 - 2001




Finding a Cure for Childhood Cancer

To ensure that childhood cancer research continues to progress to greater heights, the Michael Cuccione Foundation has reached an agreement to fund the Michael Cuccione Laboratory for Childhood Cancer Research at the Research Institute at BC Children's Hospital.

Childhood Cancer Research Impact Report

The Michael Cuccione Childhood Cancer Research Program continues to grow, and is poised to be a world leader in childhood cancer. With the significant addition of young research scientists, both clinical and in the laboratory, we are certain that BC Children's Hospital and the research institute will continue to offer an increased understanding of childhood cancer and expand the use of treatments, developed here in British Columbia, to children with cancer around the world. Please click here to read our full Impact Report »

Your donations will be directly forwarded to fund ongoing childhood cancer research. The Michael Cuccione Foundation is committed to educating you on where your donations are going and how they are helping the fight against childhood cancer. The letter below has recently been written by Dr. Sandra Dunn, molecular biologist, who is working to find new effective treatments for childhood cancers in the Michael Cuccione Laboratory for Childhood Oncology Research:

Dr. Sandra Dunn:
"... One of the most crucial things in successfully treating childhood cancer is developing therapies that target the cancer cell's survival, yet allow healthy cells to remain unscathed. Finding ways to do this allows children with cancer to be treated using relatively low doses of chemotherapy, which is so critical in helping kids handle treatment and recover strong.

My research group and I are looking at several common drugs that have been shown to stop the growth of cancer cells. Through our research, we've found a key process in cancer cell function - the interaction of two proteins that help cancer cells survive treatment; if we can block the interaction of these proteins, we can destroy the cancer cells without hurting the healthy cells. This protein is also found in breast cancer. So what we learn from this will also benefit breast cancer.

Our research is also trying to develop new diagnostic tools for early cancer reoccurrence. At this time, unfortunately, the available tests that detect a returned cancer are expensive and invasive. However, my research has found a serine protease known as urokinase plasminogen activator (UPA) that clearly shows when cancer has returned. It is our hope that this discovery will lead to the development of a new blood test, which is especially good news for childhood cancer survivors because, with long lives before them, early diagnosis of a relapse is essential for fast, life-saving treatment..."

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2015 Canadian Tire Kick For A Cure

The Kick For A Cure is a childhood cancer initiative founded to raise awareness about childhood cancer and the need for increased funding towards paediatric cancer research. To Register Visit www.kickforacure.ca

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