“One person can only do so much, but together we can make a difference.”
Michael James Cuccione, 1985 - 2001




Finding a Cure for Childhood Cancer

The following links will guide you to informative websites about cancer, what is being done, and how this fight CAN be won - Arm yourself with the best weapon of all: Knowledge.

BC Children's Hospital
This site will provide you with information on the Hospital itself as well as other useful information. If you know someone currently being treated for cancer you may find interest in the Family Resource Library.

Child & Family Research Institute
Read about the Child & Family Research Institute, the location of the Michael Cuccione Laboratory for Pediatric Oncology.

Hospital For Sick Children
This site will provide you with information on the Hospital itself as well as other useful information.

Schneider Children's Hospital
This site will provide you with information on the Hospital itself as well as other useful information.

Stollery Children's Hospital Foundation
This site will provide informative details on the Hospital and Foundation.

Melinda Rose Hathaway's Website
Melinda was a friend of Michael's who passed away at 15 years of age. During her battle with cancer, she created this website to "do at least a little something" for other kids with cancer and their caregivers. She was an extraordinary person who instead of absorbing herself with her own problems, Melinda concerned herself with helping others. She quoted "Cherishing a complete life does not necessarily require a complete lifetime."

Vancouver Chamber Choir
The Michael Cuccione Foundation is proud to partner with the Vancouver Chamber Choir to assist children and their familes in a healing approach through a CD that has been created through the Vancouver Chamber Choir to support familes that are going through the hardest time of their lives with a sick child or worse yet the loss of their precious child. You are invited to order a free copy to help to make a difference in the healing for your family!

Newport Village Voice
Eric Stansfield has a wonderful voice for the community in the Tricity area. He has been in the Radio/TV Media business for many years. We are very grateful for the wonderful support from Eric and Five19 Multimedia in support of the Michael Cuccione Foundation and we look forward to the amazing difference he will make in the future with his new radio program!

Unlocking Secrets for Women
We are proud to be linked with Unlocking Secrets for Women. Candace Newton is one of the most giving and kind people you could meet. We are very grateful to be the charity of her choice. Candace always shares our vison with people she meets and is very dedicated to helping us find the cure for childhood cancer. Her little grandaughter Isabel has had a fight of her life with Leukemia. She is now in remission and thank God is living a normal life with her family. Please see the link to Isabel.

Links to Personal Websites

Please visit these websites and take the time to understand what children and families go through with this devastating disease. When we think we have it bad we need to take time and really understand what bad and sad really is! Please support babies and children with cancer!

Spencer Dolling
Dejah Milne
Emma Sheepwash
Domenic Runghen

Upcoming Fundraising Events

Mark your calendar, come and join us at the following fundraising events! We promise, it will be fun!

The Moj Whistler Shoot Out
Date: July 7, 2014 details

2014 Canadian Tire Kick For A Cure
Date: July 12, 2014 details

19th Annual Fundraising Gala 2014
Date: September 20, 2014 details

Recently Publicised...

Checkout our news section to learn about the latest developments taking place at our Childhood Cancer Research Program & The Michael Cuccione Pediatric Oncology Laboratory at the Child & Family Research Insitute, BC Children's Hospital.

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