“One person can only do so much, but together we can make a difference.”
Michael James Cuccione, 1985 - 2001




Finding a Cure for Childhood Cancer

Pictured above: Dominic Runghen, childhood cancer survivor. 20 years ago, the survival rate for childhood cancer was 20%, but today it is over 80%. Together we are making a difference and getting closer and closer to finding a cure.

One of the most devastating events that can occur within a family is to be informed that their child has been diagnosed with cancer. Sadly, cancer is the second most common cause of death amongst children and is on the rise by 3%. Lives of precious children are being ended in some cases before they have even begun. It is an awful thought but a sad reality for parents who will never get the opportunity to celebrate their child's birthday again, graduation day, or hear the wedding bells for their child. We also lose the next generation of our children.


Childhood Cancer Research Impact Report

The Michael Cuccione Childhood Cancer Research Program continues to grow, and is poised to be a world leader in childhood cancer. With the significant addition of young research scientists, both clinical and in the laboratory, we are certain that BC Children's Hospital and the research institute will continue to offer an increased understanding of childhood cancer and expand the use of treatments, developed here in British Columbia, to children with cancer around the world. Please click here to read our full Impact Report »


The majority of research dollars raised are spent on investigating adult forms of cancers. Specific programs designated to studying childhood cancer have been under-funded and are in need of more support. We can learn so much through the genetic aspects of this disease where it begins - in a child. Breakthroughs found in curing childhood cancer can also benefit the search for curing adult cancers. Michael believed that the cure is within a child.

Michael dedicated the last five years of his life to making a difference for childhood cancer and funded two lifetime fellowships for $2.5 million dollars. Michael said if we don't fund the young researchers we won't have them in the future and research is the way to finding the cure. The Michael Cuccione Foundation board members have worked diligently to provide childhood cancer research the attention it needs through the generous support of the public. The funds raised support the Michael Cuccione Childhood Cancer Research Program at the Research Institute at BC Children's Hospital. The Michael Cuccione Foundation is dedicated to helping find the cure for cancer and research is the way. Michael quoted. "One person can only do so much but together we make the difference"! Please help us to eradicate this terrible disease.

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Letter from BC Children's Hospital Foundation

Letter from Stollery Children's Hospital


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2015 Canadian Tire Kick For A Cure

The Kick For A Cure is a childhood cancer initiative founded to raise awareness about childhood cancer and the need for increased funding towards paediatric cancer research. To Register Visit www.kickforacure.ca

Starts in 42 Days!


Upcoming Fundraising Events

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2015 Canadian Tire Kick For A Cure
Date: July 11, 2015 details

14th Annual Golf For A Cure 2015
Date: July 15, 2015 details

The Adriana Funaro Memorial Golf Tournament
Date: July 29, 2015 details

20th Annual Fundraising Gala 2015
Date: September 26, 2015 details

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